What is a Chiropractor?

The chiropractic doctor is a first-contact health professional: you can consult it without being recommended. The chiropractor’s field of expertise touches the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. It also has the ability to prescribe therapeutic exercises , provide nutritional information and suggest lifestyle changes. He is able to establish a treatment, rehabilitation and prevention plan for each patient in order to maintain optimal health.

In Quebec, the future chiropractor must complete a 5-year undergraduate doctorate at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR)and perform 18 months of supervised clinical practice in a university setting before being granted the right to register for the Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec exams. It is only after the success of these exams that the doctor in chiropractic can finally receive patients independently.

By training, the chiropractor has the expertise to make a diagnosis, which will allow him to create a program of care that matches your physical condition, your age and your health goals.

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