The birth

The first important stress that we live in our life is without doubt our birth. Even during a so-called “natural” delivery, it happens that great tensions, pressures and twists affect the spine of the newborn as well as its cranial bones and all the muscular, nervous and skeletal systems. Left untreated, these conditions could eventually create health problems in the baby .

Later, baby learns to support his heavy head. Then comes the time to crawl and then walk, tasks often accompanied by multiple falls affecting the spine and other baby joints.

The chiropractic approach

The needs of babies and children in terms of chiropractic care differ considerably from those of adults. It is obvious that the techniques used to treat a newborn are not similar to the techniques that could be used with a person with a mature skeleton. For example, the pressure used by the chiropractor on the spine of a newborn is generally equivalent to the weight of a 10-cent coin .

The chiropractic approach

A chiropractic examination can reveal weaknesses that may be present in the nervous, muscular or skeletal systems . By quickly detecting these problems, the chiropractor can ensure that all these systems are given the proper function, thus promoting optimal health for your child. Just as you consult a dentist before having a toothache, you consult your chiropractor before having neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. As the saying goes: “Better to be safe than sorry! ”


Obviously, in addition to preventive care, children can benefit from chiropractic to relieve several types of pain or discomfort.

Source: ACQ – Association of Chiropractors of Quebec – ACQ

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