Sports injuries

The chiropractor is authorized to perform a physical examination and radiological examination (if necessary) of the spine, bones of the pelvis and other joints of the human body, through a medical history. Thus, the chiropractor will be able to establish an appropriate chiropractic treatment plan. His studies in biomechanics and his thorough knowledge of anatomical structures make him a very effective professional in the care and prevention of joint injuries.

Sport chiropractic in Quebec and Canada

Chiropractic has joined the care of high caliber athletes for more than 20 years. In Canada, at the athletic level, the CCSS (C) Chiropractic College of Sports Science and the Quebec CCSS (Q) are the organizations that ensure the post-graduate training of chiropractors and the adequate collaboration with national sports. Chiropractors are present at the Olympic Games, Quebec Games, Paralympic Games, Special Olympics and other world-class competitions.

Chiropractic assessment

In relation to a sports injury, the chiropractor must establish an accurate diagnosis and determine a treatment plan. Radiological analyzes and other tests are often to be considered in the assessment of the situation. As a mode of care, after a complete assessment with diagnosis, the chiropractor uses joint manipulation (adjustment) to restore joint function, reduce muscle tension and restore optimal function to different structures and systems of the body.

The chiropractic approach

Chiropractic adjustment is the application of a controlled force, of low amplitude and fast manner . Soft tissue care for muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia are also used through different techniques. These techniques aim to break the adhesions between the muscular, ligamentous and tendinous fibers while restoring the amplitudes of articular movements. The chiropractor also uses supportive methods (ice, heat, electrotherapy, complementary manual therapy, taping ). Rehabilitation exercises (stretching, warming up and strengthening) and various tips are also provided to the athlete.

The chiropractor may also refer for multidisciplinary work to ensure that the athlete is using optimal care.

Source: CCSSQ – Chiropractic Council of Sport Sciences of Quebec – CCSSQ

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