Pregnancy: a period of great change

One of the most important physical changes in pregnant women is the increase of the elasticity of the joints . In order to allow the whole body (especially the pelvis) to adapt to the presence of the baby, the ligaments quickly become more malleable and sometimes cause instability which is translated, for the future mother, by pain or discomfort.

Obviously, the most significant change in pregnant women is the increase in weight in the abdomen. This load, which the woman has to bear 24 hours a day, causes significant stress, particularly affecting the lumbar region of the spine and pelvis.

Chiropractic: gentle, safe and beneficial

The pregnant woman is forced to avoid taking medication as much as possible. Chiropractic is therefore a healthy alternative of choice to relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy, in a natural way. Moreover, we now know that the moderate physical activity practiced throughout pregnancy contributes to the health of the newborn as well as that of the future mother. By ensuring that the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems function optimally, chiropractic allows the woman to make the most of the benefits of each of her training and the same fact of her pregnancy.

Chiropractic adapts to the pregnant woman

Different techniques are used to make chiropractic care soft and comfortable for the pregnant woman and her baby. The use of, among other things, special tables or maternity cushions specifically designed for chiropractic care makes the chiropractic experience all the more enjoyable and beneficial.

Source: ACQ – Association of Chiropractors of Quebec – ACQ

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