Dr François Pothier

The doctor Pothier is from Loretteville and will always remain. He obtained his doctorate in chiropractic at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) in 1998, representing the first cohort of students in the first chiropractic study program in Quebec.

Interested in health care and more specifically in the body’s natural ability to self-regulate, he discovered that chiropractic fits perfectly with his values ​​and principles. Your health depends, to stay in balance, of several factors. That’s why Dr. Pothier’s role is to advise you on ergonomics, posture, nutrition and the various exercises that can help you heal. In addition, he will not hesitate to collaborate with other health professionals so that your recovery is as complete and as fast as possible.

Dr. Pothier has been practicing since 1999 on Valcartier Boulevard in Loretteville, now known as Loretteville Chiropractic Clinic. He regularly undergoes continuous training to stay on the cutting edge of knowledge and chiropractic techniques, in order to provide you with ever more effective and comprehensive care.

Dr. Pothier stands out for his honesty and the effectiveness of his care, as well as his personalized approach and professional integrity. Our clinic has long been known for its warm and friendly approach.

Whether it’s for a newborn, a pregnant woman, an elderly person, an athlete, an injury at work or at home, Dr. Pothier’s mission is to restore you to optimal health as soon as possible.